Step 1 of Applying Cream 3D Foundation

May 2, 2024

Keep watching if you struggle with understanding where to place contour and have mature skin. Contour is one of the most important steps to our makeup as we age. It creates a lifting effect and adds dimension where we need it. This cream makeup system makes it super easy to apply and blend. Stay tuned […]


Let’s settle this once and for all … If you are over the age of 40, 50, 60 or higher and haven’t tried cream makeup… what are you waiting for? ✨Why cream makeup?• It’s light and natural• It doesn’t settle in wrinkles and fine lines• it’s easy to apply and very forgiving• you don’t need […]

Simplest Way to do Mature Skin Foundation

May 12, 2024


Korean Skin Care Transformations!!

May 9, 2024

It’s time for this! Skincare with results! Listen I’ve always taken care of my skin. Used high quality medical grade skincare. Hardly ever went to bed with makeup on. And I’ve never had results like these! ✨Korean skincare is next level! I had tried some here and there from Ulta and was like ok it’s […]


Let’s be honest…. We have all spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on skincare that just doesn’t give us the results it promises. It’s so frustrating! I’ve spent so much money on undereye cream alone and recently found out from a knowledgeable and licensed skincare specialist that it’s a scam!The undereye skin has very […]

I’m sure you have heard the news….

May 7, 2024


Hello world!

April 10, 2024

Welcome to my new Blog! This is an adventure getting started. There will be a lot of fun tips and tricks posted here every week. Bookmark my page, and check out all the information to help you be beautiful inside and out!


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