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BYoungPool: A Key Ingredient in Cutting-Edge Formulations

In the cosmetics and personal care industry, whether you’re formulating the next big shampoo as a chemist, or applying the newest trending lotion as a consumer, you are wholly participating in and influencing trends that drive the industry.

Waves of trends are ever-present and always changing. Despite the constantly evolving beauty technology, there are certain ingredients in the cosmetics industry that stand the test of time and remain a staple in high-performing formulations. One such ingredient is centella asiatica, which is also known as Indian pennywort or gotu kola, and referred to as BYoungPool in Korea.

The History and Benefits of BYoungPool in Skin Care and Beyond

BYoungPool, native to Southeast countries like India and China, has shown a history of use expanding thousands of years.1 In China, it was even reported as one of the “miracle elixirs of life”, a status that has withstood the test of time.2 BYoungPool is known for its skin regenerating properties, with activities such as healing wounds, improving blood circulation, and even preventing wrinkles.
The benefits of BYoungPool, however, extend far beyond just skin care. The people of Sri Lanka consider it to be associated with longevity, while ayurvedic medicine credits it with the ability to rejuvenate and clear the mind, making it ideal for meditation.
The Role of Saponins and Triterpenoids in Skincare
The scientific evidence points to the saponin content, or triterpenoids, as the primary source of BYoungPool’s beneficial effects.3 The four most notable triterpenoids are madecassoside, madecassic acid, asiatic acid, and asiaticoside.
Studies suggest that some of these triterpenoids are able to stimulate type I collagen synthesis, which plays a major role in the structuring of the skin in the dermis,4 while other studies suggest that BYoungPool saponin extracts improve the tensile strength of skin, leading to increased elasticity.5 Additional research suggests anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, all leading to an overall promise of glowing, structurally sound skin.

How RIMAN is Revolutionizing the Cosmetics Industry with Exclusive Giant BYoungPool Strain

RIMAN utilizes a unique strain of BYoungPool, known as Giant BYoungPool, in their INCELLDERM technology. This particular strain is cultivated exclusively for RIMAN on Jeju Island in Korea, and the patented technology enables RIMAN to harness the additional benefits that the larger leaves provide, which is exclusive to RIMAN.
While the comparison between giant and regular BYoungPool is still being studied, early efforts have shown that the larger leaves of the giant BYoungPool plant boast higher polyphenol contents and higher antioxidant activity, along with the traditionally understood benefits of skin firming and structuring. A collaborative study with Seoul National University even found that our giant BYoungPool had a significant anti-wrinkle effect and reduced hyperpigmentation.
While more is still to be discovered on the different fractions and subspecies of BYoungPool, one thing is for certain – its presence in the beauty industry will last for years to come. The multiple routes of skin treatment, extensive history of use, and application in both body and mind is why RIMAN chose to center not only INCELLDERM’s formulation, but INCELLDERM’s philosophy, around the beauty of BYoungPool.

Combining Traditional Practices with Modern Advancements for Unparalleled Skincare Performance

Our exclusive strain of Giant BYoungPool allows us to deliver both its time-honored benefits and the opportunity to strengthen them using cutting-edge research and methodologies. This approach affords us a comprehensive understanding of which molecules are most effective for your skin, enabling us to formulate optimal skincare solutions. By combining the best of traditional practices with modern advancements, we provide skincare products that deliver unparalleled performance.

If you’re interested in starting off smaller you can fill out my skincare quiz and I’ll make something more custom for you! 

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